The Results are in!

June 15, 2023

Palmetto Promise Team

Last week, we asked you to vote on ten issues that are a part of the larger Palmetto Promise Institute Freedom Agenda. We know that all of the issues on the agenda are important, but how do they compare?

Here are the results.

Every issue we asked you to rate hit the 74% mark (Very Important + Important). That’s a huge boost to our efforts across the board.

The Top Four Rated Very Important were:

  1. A Parent Bill of Rights 
  2. Judicial Reform (Selection of Judges)
  3. Fiscal: A Conservative Budget
  4. The Right to Shop for Healthcare Savings

The Top Four Rated Very Important Important were:

  1. The Right to Shop for Healthcare Savings
  2. Judicial Reform (Selection of Judges)
  3. A Parent Bill of Rights
  4. Fiscal: A Conservative Budget / Tax Relief (Personal Income Tax) [Tied]

What a variety of issues across the pillars of the Freedom Agenda! You seem to be telling us that you want the rights of parents to be protected and the way we select state judges to be reformed. You also want to build on the Certificate of Need Repeal victory with the ability to shop for prices on healthcare procedures and share in the savings.

On taxes and budget, it was clear that you want the state budget to be monitored very carefully.

Note: On the government spending issue, you may remember that there was a “bonus question.” On government spending, we asked you which level of government concerned you most in terms of potential overspending. You said:

Both State and Local Governments 68.2%

State Government 14.7%

Local Government 11.6%

Neither 5.5%

Our survey was not “scientific,” but it provides a window into the issues you want Palmetto Promise Institute to address. We are “on it.”

Thank you for your help!