“If It Can Happen in Orangeburg…”

Orangeburg 5 High School for Health Professions is beating the odds to create success for rural students in poverty. This week, Principal Angel Malone shared their secret for success with a Senate panel.

Fast Facts: Education Scholarship Accounts

No other education reform can promise the quality of learning, the preparation for the future, the flexibility to meet the individual needs of a child, and the immediacy of impact.

The Wren Report – Repairing the DOT

The American Society for Civil Engineers recently gave South Carolina’s infrastructure a D+. Everyone agrees our roads and bridges are in bad shape. But how do we fix the problem?

Where Have all the Teachers Gone?

A growing teacher shortage, particularly in some of South Carolina’s more rural areas are leading some districts to take new measures to lure and retain qualified teachers.

The Wren Report – Charter Schools

With President Trump spotlighting #SchoolChoice during the Congressional address on Tuesday, Dr. Oran P. Smith​ talks with us about what charter schools are.

Education Choice’s Battleground

The road to more education choice for South Carolinians goes through downtown Washing…. Er… Columbia!

The Wren Report – Arthur Brooks (2/24/2017)

This week’s Wren Report is about our upcoming event with Arthur Brooks and our trip to Rock Hill to be on the radio show Straight Talk.

Weekly Update: School Choice Week in Review (video)

Missed National School Choice Week? We’ve got you covered.

Unwinding the Worst of Obamacare: Why Congress Must Rescind ACA’s Massive Medicaid Expansion

Executive Summary Given the focus on the disastrous launch of the Obamacare insurance Exchanges in 2013, many people […]

Weekly Legislative Update – School Accountability Vote (Video)

On Tuesday the EOC voted on school accountability and how schools should be graded.