Tell us about your Healthcare Billing Trauma

October 9, 2019

It seems that everywhere you go in South Carolina there’s a healthcare bill horror story.

Acute Healthcare Billing Trauma (HBT)* was so bad for one couple I know that they drew straws to determine which one would be tasked with making…The Dreaded Call. Neither husband nor wife could bear the thought of contacting the hospital or the insurance company to attempt to straighten out a medical invoice.

You’ve been there. There you are…struggling to make sense of a medical bill with someone far outside the 864/803/843 who speaks only the language of “EOB,” “co-pay,” “out of pocket maximum,” and “In Network” versus “Out of Network.” It is enough to draw profanity out of the most spiritual among us. I dare say that nothing on my To Do List strikes as much fear in my heart as Make the Dreaded Call…except maybe Get Root Canal.

Have you recently endured a medical procedure only to experience an “aftershock” when you received the bill? You are not alone.

Palmetto Promise Institute has been studying healthcare in South Carolina in order to shine the light on the frustrations Palmetto State citizens are experiencing. Like how much citizens end up paying out-of-pocket, even if they are insured.

Our research team has access to official “chargemasters,” but these figures from healthcare providers equate only to a procedure’s “sticker price.” We are not able to fully project what patients actually pay, and the complications they encounter when billed.

That’s where you come in! Have you experienced Healthcare Billing Trauma (HBT)?* Do you have a healthcare bill horror story you will be willing to share with us?

Click this link to submit your story.

Your story could be key in helping us grasp both the confusion of HBT* and the actual out-of-pocket costs you paid versus what you expected.

We don’t need any tissue samples or confidential medical information. We surely don’t need any photos. But a general idea of your story would help us understand what South Carolinians with insurance are experiencing.

Would you be willing to complete this form and/or email us at We will not publish your personal information, but a member of the PPI research team may contact you to get more information to ensure the accuracy of our analysis of your story.

Thank you for your assistance with this important project of Palmetto Promise!


*As far as we know, there is no such thing as HBT. We made that up. But we are clearly on to something.