Thanksgiving has a long history in South Carolina

November 21, 2018

Ellen Weaver

Former President & CEO

One of the earliest known thanksgiving services in the America – predating even the Pilgrims’ landing – was a remembrance held by French Protestant colonists at Charlesfort (now Parris Island) in 1564.

450 year later, from the mountains to the sea, South Carolinians will join with family and friends to continue the celebration. We’ll eat (way more than we should), watch football (go Clemson/Carolina/fill-in-the-blank!) and hopefully not get stuck arguing politics with Uncle Joe (can we make it through just ONE MEAL, please?).

But in the middle of all the feasting and fun, I hope you’ll pause to thank our Creator, who has given us life, liberty and the incredible blessing of being called a South Carolinian. Remember to say a prayer for our neighbors still cleaning up after devastating floods, who may not yet have a home to celebrate in. Visit with those who are less fortunate and perform an act of kindness on their behalf.

I’m convinced that this kind of “gratitude attitude” has the power to fundamentally transform and reunite our communities.  Let’s do that together, today…and every day!