The Artis Ware story

March 15, 2020

U.S. Senator Tim Scott often speaks about the “magic” of a good education. He should know: he is living proof. We’re excited and honored by this opportunity to expand Palmetto Promise Institute’s vital education work in partnership with a native son whose family’s journey exemplifies the reason we fight!

The Story

Sitting at his breakfast table in Charleston every morning, Artis Ware would browse the local paper just like an executive, doctor, or attorney. The difference: he could not read.

Forced out of a segregated classroom in the 3rd grade to work in the cotton fields to help support his family, Artis nevertheless maintained this daily routine, hoping to impress upon his grandson the importance of education.

He lived long enough to see that grandson, U.S. Senator Tim Scott, rise “from cotton to Congress” thanks to the power of his example.

The Artis Ware Center for Education Opportunity is dedicated to helping every South Carolina child, regardless of race or income, realize their dreams and reach their full education potential as a lasting tribute to Mr. Ware’s inspiring life example.