The Two Faces of Freedom

July 3, 2021

Ellen Weaver

Former President & CEO

This weekend, we celebrate that most American of holidays, remembering the miracle of our Founding and the brave citizens who birthed a new nation, united not by blood, but by a common ideal. Although imperfectly realized through the years, that ideal has continually propelled us—through many stops and starts—towards the freedom of a “more perfect union.”

It struck me this week that, like a coin, this freedom actually has two faces.

The face we typically think about is the “freedom from side, represented by the Constitution and Bill of Rights that draw bright, defensive lines around our God-given liberties.

But flip the coin over and you see the beautiful picture of “freedom for – that engine of opportunity, powered by liberty, that compels us to work to better our family and communities. The freedom that calls us to “crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea!”

As we feel our “freedom from” under attack as perhaps never before, we must never forget the incredible power of “freedom for” to win hearts and change lives.

So as we get together this weekend with friends and family to celebrate God’s incredible gift of freedom, let’s resolve once more to live free…in every possible way.

Happy Independence Day!