NEW POLL: 81% Believe This Is Why Our Roads Are Still Not Fixed

Tax & Budget
September 20, 2016

A new poll commissioned by Palmetto Promise Institute has mined some interesting results concerning South Carolina’s attitude toward the state’s infrastructure. The poll surveyed 400 registered, likely general election voters, and posed the following questions:

Do you believe that in order to properly fund our state’s infrastructure needs like building new roads and repairing existing roads, bridges and dams that: (1) we have a money problem and need to raise taxes; (2) we have a priority problem and need to reallocate existing tax revenue; or (3) we have a management problem and need to restructure government and change the leaders in charge and the processes currently being used?

Voters overwhelmingly favored “management problem” at 47%, with “priority problem” coming in a strong second at 34%. Only 8% identified “money problem” as the biggest hurdle and 11% were undecided. Even Trump and Clinton supporters found common ground, with a majority of both voter segments blaming management problems as the paramount cause of South Carolina’s infrastructure woes. Agreement was consistently found among every region in South Carolina.

Take a look at the detailed results for yourself.


During a time when partisan politics drowns out all other headlines, South Carolinians can agree on at least one issue—the Palmetto State’s crumbling roads need more responsible, effective leaders, not just more money, to be repaired.

Does this poll reflect what you believe? No matter if the answer is yes or no, you now have the opportunity to make your voice heard. Take the poll (found below) for yourself to let us know what you think the problem really is. It’ll only take 2 minutes!