Adam Crain

Welcome To The Team!

May 19, 2016

Adam Crain

Yes, I survived (despite what the picture might suggest)! My first day sure taught me a lot – life at Palmetto Promise is challenging, but the work we accomplish is so rewarding.

So far, I have recognized an important fact that distinguishes why Palmetto Promise Institute is crucial to the well-being of South Carolina.

It is not a published report, or built consensus on legislation, or an adopted policy that is the crux of Palmetto Promise Institute, though that is the product of PPI’s work. No, the driving force is a vision to help South Carolinians achieve whatever they envision for themselves.

Palmetto Promise Institute wants to help parents struggling to educate their children, the elderly to have more access to healthcare and young people to find good-paying jobs. That is why promotion of public policy is so important. It is why your support is so vital and so appreciated – thank you!

Working at PPI has helped me distinguish between the “what” and the “why.” It has been a privilege to join PPI in this mission. I have learned so much about SC politics, public policy, and non-profits.


Adam Crain, new Research Assistant at Palmetto Promise


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