Education vs Indoctrination Dossier

December 6, 2022

Palmetto Promise Team

Since the onset of COVID-19, movements of parents have sprung up overnight in America. Some have adopted names and launched Facebook pages. Some have incorporated themselves as permanent organizations. Others are (for now) just email trees and group texts.


Whatever their size or level of organization, these “little platoons” (as Edmund Burke admiringly called them) have quickly formed because parents are finally weaving the strands of evidence together.


Moms and dads are finally understanding that for years—-even decades—their children, their teachers, and their schools have been in the crosshairs of a host of national organizations dedicated to imposing their progressive agenda onto every community school in America.



Our new reportEducation vs. Indoctrination, researches the most active of these national groups (and their Palmetto State cohorts) and reveals their true agenda for South Carolina schools. The report is comprehensive but beautiful—over 60 pages of analysis, history, news reports, photos, graphics, and charts—a “dossier” on the education left. (There is also a short version which you can read here.)


This important report also describes in stunning infographical detail the worldview battle that is raging for the minds of South Carolina kids. The sides are very different…different heroes and villains…differing views about education, history, and economics. All documented. Where does your family stand?


Download the Full Version of Education or Indoctrination…and share it with your friends.