A 2021 Freedom Agenda for South Carolina

December 18, 2020

Palmetto Promise Team

Last week, we asked our email subscribers to rank their priorities for South Carolina in 2021…and the response was overwhelming!

It was a dead heat for first place, but cutting our highest-in-the-Southeast income tax rate was the winner by a nose, closely followed by expanding education choice and lowering health care costs. 

With Christmas coming up next week, we are officially in the countdown to kick-off!  The big game begins in 26 days on January 12th, when the South Carolina General Assembly reconvenes in Columbia, after COVID-19 brought the bulk of 2020 legislative activity to a screeching halt.

The question on every conservative’s mind? Will expanded supermajorities in both the House and Senate translate into actual points on the board for a Freedom Agenda?

Here’s a handy list of the ten top “play calls” from our recently released Palmetto Playbook…with your top 3 priorities at the top of the pile!

A 2021 SC Freedom Agenda:

  1. Cut our highest-in-the-Southeast income tax rateto create fairness for hardworking South Carolinians.
  2. Expand flexible education opportunity and choiceto empower parents and help every student thrive.
  3. Increase healthcare transparency and competitionto lower costs & increase access to care for patients.
  4. Sell South Carolina’s state-owned utilityto shield ratepayers from a mountain of boondoggle debt.
  5. Limit government spending growth…to protect taxpayers’ wallets and make government live within its means.
  6. Enact COVID-19 tort liability reformto protect South Carolina business from frivolous lawsuits.
  7. Make COVID-19 licensing reforms permanentto remove barriers to making a living.
  8. Stand up for equal justice under lawto prevent “policing for profit” and protect the poor from unjust court fines.
  9. Reform South Carolina’s judicial selection processto elect conservative state judges who uphold the law, not legislate from the bench.
  10. Restart state government restructuringto save money and increase efficiency.

There are many ideas that fall under each of these categories…and we’ll be unpacking each of these priorities in days to come.

But for now, the bottom line: each of these items should be a priority in a “ruby red” General Assembly that’s serious about conservative solutions for a strong and flourishing South Carolina.

We look forward to continuing this critical fight for a bold Freedom Agenda in 2021!