Adam Crain

A Timely Reminder

November 14, 2016

Adam Crain

It is no secret that Palmetto Promise Institute believes in the value of giving parents and families the opportunity to choose which education outlet best suits the needs of their child.

From charter schools and private schools, to online schools and homeschooling curriculums, we believe a parent’s arsenal of choice should be expanded by laws that promote personal freedom and opportunity in education.

Sometimes though, it is good to be reminded again of what we are really fighting for: kids!

The American Federation for Children (AFC), a national education policy organization, recently took the fight for kids to both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, demonstrating that education choice should not be a partisan battle. Even during a contentious election week, their short video is a good reminder of what we are ultimately standing for.

Kevin Chavous, who served on AFC’s Board, is right on when he says, “There is no Republican or Democrat way to teach a kid how to read, write or count.”

Understanding this then, our job is not to get sucked into petty party politics but to keep the focus of education choice in South Carolina on the common desire of every American to see our students reach their full potential.