BREAKING: Proposed Library Regulation Passes

November 14, 2023

Palmetto Promise Team

On September 28, the State Department of Education (SCDE) published a draft of a “new regulation that addresses school and classroom library materials.”

Because it is a state regulation, it is lengthy, but here’s the bottom line.

The regulation proposed by the State Department of Education establishes a complaint process and an orderly system for reviewing library materials by local school boards based on whether the material is “age and developmentally appropriate, educationally suitable and aligned with the purpose of South Carolina’s instructional program.”

The regulation prevents school boards from removing material from a school library simply because the board may disagree with the viewpoints expressed in the material.

Any person (any taxpayer) may bring a challenge to the local school board.

The regulation was passed by the State Board of Education yesterday (November 14, 2023) without a dissenting vote. This is welcome news!

A second reading of the regulation by the state board is scheduled for February 2024 after which it will be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.

Stay tuned to Palmetto Promise for the latest on this timely and important action from Superintendent Ellen Weaver and the State Department of Education.