King v. Burwell: Obamacare Off-Ramp?

Blog · May 13, 2015

The US Supreme Court holds the future of Obamacare in its hands as it decides King v Burwell (and the companion case Halbig v. Burwell). As Obamacare turns five, here is what you need to know about the cases that could open the door to a much-needed reassessment of the currently broken federal healthcare scheme…and the alternative plan that could begin to put South Carolina patients back in charge.

Everyone’s Got A Crazy Uncle…

Tax & Budget
Blog · May 1, 2015

South Carolina’s Uncle Sam is very generous, supplying nearly 38% of our budget, but he is also unstable. The federal debt as of today (May 1) at noon stands at approximately $18.21 trillion, and every year the debt grows larger. What if Uncle Sam goes unhinged? Wouldn’t it be sound financial policy for the state to have a plan for the sudden absence of our crazy uncle?

Is South Carolina “Financial Ready”?

Blog · April 24, 2015

South Carolina - like most states - receives a lot of funding from the federal government. But how much exactly? Would South Carolina still be "able to keep the lights on" and fund essential services if the Washington dropped the ball? This week, thanks to Representative Alan Clemmons picking up some PPI research, South Carolina is one step closer to being able to answer those questions.

SC Statehouse: The Reality Show

Blog · March 26, 2015

Most weeks in the Statehouse probably wouldn’t be mistaken for an episode of a Bravo reality show. Then came last week’s pandemonium, where backroom debate over whether to borrow $500 million almost brought back code duello---and that was just within the House Republican Caucus. Last week will be hard to beat for pure political theater, but this week wasn’t bad either.

An “Exceptional” Visit to a Special School

Blog · March 20, 2015

This week, two students at Hidden Treasure Christian School received life-changing checks, thanks to South Carolina's new Exceptional Needs Tax Credit Scholarship. These scholarships will allow them to afford an education that meets their unique needs and equips them to reach their full God-given potential. It was an incredible experience to witness this joyful celebration!

Educating the “Children No One Wants”

Blog · March 20, 2015

This week Kevin Chavous, a leading voice for giving every child a chance and a choice, highlighted Greenville's own Legacy Charter School in a national oped, praising their mission to value all children and their refusal to write kids off based on their background, home life or previous school experience. Wonderful to see such a South Carolina success story in the news!

The Quest for Number One…

Tax & Budget
Blog · March 10, 2015

The numbers don’t lie. If we don’t change our ways, the Palmetto State could be looking at a #1 ranking in debt and taxes. That’s great news…for North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, our closest competitors for jobs and new investment.