Empower Education Summit: The Path to Transforming SC’s Future

Blog · April 8, 2013

Education transformation is a topic we are incredibly passionate about. In fact, in 2012, The Palmetto Fort Foundation (the Forum’s precursor) and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint’s office teamed up to host the “Empower Education Reform Summit.” This event, which was keynoted by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, attracted elected, education, business and community leaders –

Obamacare’s 3rd Anniversary

Blog · April 6, 2013

new report shows that by 2014, under the Affordable Care Act, unsubsidized individual premiums in South Carolina will skyrocket by 61%! Thank you @NikkiHaley and South Carolina legislators who are standing strong for state flexibility and innovation by fighting against the legislation’s full implementation.

We Can Learn a Lot From Florida

Blog · April 6, 2013

South Carolina Radio Network Interview with Superintendent of Education Mick Zais South Carolina’s education superintendent says he wants this state to be more like Florida when it comes to education. During an interview on Charleston affiliate WTMA, Superintendent Mick Zais referenced a recent study by the new South Carolina conservative think tank Palmetto Policy Forum,

Cheers! The Forum has commenced.

Blog · April 5, 2013

Welcome to Forum Focus, the official blog home of Palmetto Policy Forum. We look forward to sharing great original content: policy papers, press, interviews with thoughtful leaders from around South Carolina and the nation…and even the occasional sound-off on issues we are passionate about. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and @PalmettoPolicy so that

Competitive Federalism

Blog · March 15, 2013

Ideas have consequences. This may seem obvious to some, but at PPI, we believe this calls us to examine the principles and truths that form the foundation of our policy innovation. We strongly believe in the First Principles of our federalist system and are proud to be co-signers of this important - and practical - report. As conservatives, we say "no" to federal overreach to have the flexibility to say "yes" to the innovative thinking that can only bubble up from the state and local level. We are strong advocates for returning dollars and decisions to the people best equipped to know and grow their own communities. Competitive Federalism is the arena in which states will compete to save America.