Op-Ed: Gov. McMaster deserves praise for his SAFE Grants plan to support SC students

News · July 30, 2020

PPI Founding Chairman Jim Demint’s Op-Ed featured in The State. The economic and health impacts of COVID-19 have been overwhelming. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs or been forced to close businesses they have poured their lives into. Even worse, thousands of Americans have lost their lives. It is an unspeakable tragedy. There are

SC private schools to get $32 million in tuition grants for families during COVID-19

Blog · July 20, 2020

PPI President and CEO Ellen Weaver was quoted in The State discussing Governor McMaster’s SAFE grants program. South Carolina’s private K-12 schools will get $32 million in federal COVID-19 aid, S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster announced on Monday, nearly a week after he pushed to get the state’s public schools to reopen to students in person five days

Palmetto Promise calls on Congress to make sensible decisions amid COVID pandemic

Quality of Life
Blog · July 6, 2020

As “stimulus” legislation flew through Congress with band-aids intended to address looming unemployment and general economic devastation, Palmetto Promise Institute along with partner organizations from across the country kept a keen eye on the details of federal legislation. PPI signed onto several joint letters, calling for the passage or blocking of various bills and initiatives.

LETTER: Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis and Building a Stronger Health Sector for the Future

Blog · June 25, 2020

Palmetto Promise Institute singed onto the below letter calling for 3 major healthcare changes in light of COVID-19:  Make it easier for people to access personal, “portable” health insurance” that travels with them from job to job and in and out of the labor market.  Make it easier for people to communicate with their medical providers of


Blog · June 25, 2020

Atlas Network highlighted work done by PPI to suspend South Carolina’s Certificate of Need laws at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. You can read our initial post about this here. This article originally appeared on Atlas Network’s website.  Executive Order No. 2020-11, section 4, which temporarily suspends Certificate of Need requirements for hospital beds in South

A path forward for healthcare equity

Blog · June 20, 2020

Following the murder of George Floyd, the issue of race in American culture has reached a new boiling point in civic and political life. In response, the Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS) under the leadership of its President, Dr. Marcelo Hochman, took stock of its history and issued a restatement of its beliefs about race

Critics of ‘Certificate of Need’ regulations say COVID-19 pandemic shows why it needs to be repealed

Blog · June 1, 2020

PPI Senior Fellow Oran Smith was interviewed by WIS News 10 regarding the potential for a full repeal of CON laws in light of COVID-19 and action taken by Governor McMaster. PPI Visiting Fellow Dr. Marcelo Hochman was also interviewed. This article, and accompanying video, originally appeared on WIS News 10. Written by Jason Raven.  Dr.