ESAs are Winning Everywhere!

Blog · July 20, 2022

We were all set to report this week on the news out of Arizona: a universal Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program passed into law! But then we discovered this excellent article on the subject in ReimaginED by Arizona education choice veteran and South Carolina resident Jonathan Butcher. It is reprinted by permission of ReimaginED, one

The Supreme Court Explains School Choice (Again), but Is the South Carolina Senate Listening?

Blog · June 22, 2022

“Separation of Church and State!” Is there any more misunderstood phrase than “separation of Church and State”? Perhaps that is why for 5 years now, the highest court in the land has been on a Fact Check Tour on what the Constitution actually says about the church-state relationship. No, the Constitution does not mean that

New Report: Lessons from 25 Years of Public Charter Schools Ring True (and Familiar)

Blog · December 14, 2021

A comprehensive new report on charter schools from Palmetto Promise Institute shows that Problem Number One for public charter school students is identical to the most pressing issue that all public school students face: too little connection between their individual needs and the funding their schools receive for them.