TPPF Announces Coalition of State-Based Think Tanks in Support of Americans’ Online Privacy Rights

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Blog · June 25, 2024
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This press release was originally published by the Texas Public Policy Foundation on June 17, 2024. AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and other state-based think tanks sent a coalition letter to the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce stating their support for the spirit of the American Privacy Rights Act of

South Carolina Needs to Protect Free Speech With Anti-SLAPP Law

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Blog · May 30, 2024

South Carolina is behind the times on free speech protections, particularly regarding protections from SLAPP lawsuits, also known as strategic lawsuits against public participation. These predatory lawsuits arise when one party levels privacy, defamation, or libel charges at individuals or advocacy groups with the intention to financially cripple them and scare them away from public

McMaster: South Carolina ‘must have judicial reform’

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Blog · May 13, 2024

Palmetto Promise Policy Analyst Felicity Ropp is quoted in this article from the Center Square by T.A. Defoe.    (The Center Square) — A legislative conference committee will soon hash out differences in a measure to reform South Carolina’s Judicial Merit Selection Commission. Last week, the South Carolina House passed S. 1046, a bill reforming the

Judicial Reform Lives, with House now Considering Senate Bill

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Blog · April 29, 2024

UPDATE: The SC House overwhelmingly passed S.1046, amended as outlined below. The Senate did not concur in those amendments, and the bill now heads to a Conference Committee, made up of Senators Rankin, Massey, and Malloy and Representatives W. Newton, Caskey, and Stavrinakis.  At the end of March 2024, following two weeks of debate and

Let My People Work!

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Blog · March 26, 2024

Back in 2020, Palmetto Promise Institute published the Palmetto Playbook, a football-themed policy manual designed to “move South Carolina’s economy down the field” after the pandemic. We were in COVID lockdown, so we had plenty of time to draw on scores of policy recommendations and state rankings from across the nation. Very quickly, we were