Our Top 10 Recommendations for 2024 Judicial Reform

Quality of Life
Blog · March 19, 2024

It is the spring of judicial reform in the South Carolina Statehouse. We have analyzed the major bills being considered by the House and the Senate, and, drawing on our previous judicial reform reports like 2021's Judging the Judges, our team has compiled our top 10 priorities we think the General Assembly ought to include in any judicial reform bill that passes this spring.

Chart of the Century?

Quality of Life
Blog · September 15, 2022

American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Senior Fellow Emeritus Mark J. Perry estimates that over the last fifteen years he has posted some 3,000 infographics to cyberspace—charts, graphs, tables, figures, maps, and Venn diagrams—each serving as his famous “Chart of the Day.” For some of us, Perry’s charts are  “eye candy” because of their combination of simplistic

“Online Choice Act” Is the Wrong Cure for Reining in Big Tech

Quality of Life
Blog · June 1, 2022

Big Tech is a big problem. Whether one is a Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, there is near universal agreement that this massive online oligarchy is out of control. But the proposed solution getting the most attention is in many ways worse than the problem – and it doesn’t even address what concerns us most. Sound familiar?

Election Reforms Bills Moving

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Blog · March 8, 2022

Thanks to strong state laws and aggressive legal initiatives taken to defend them (one of which was fought—and won—before the US Supreme Court) South Carolina has preempted many problems and largely avoided debacles like those experienced by our neighbors in Georgia and elsewhere.