Fact Or Fiction?

August 14, 2015

A vast majority of South Carolinians understand that responsible energy development means lower prices for families and more manufacturing job creators. Those are the facts.

Offshore Debate Heating Up

March 27, 2015

The gloves have come off as environmental activists push hard on local governments to enact resolutions opposing offshore energy exploration in SC.  They are even opposing the safe, new mapping of resources so we can know what’s actually off our coast! This is no surprise to those who have watched misleading campaigns to stop the Keystone Pipeline, drilling on Alaska’s North Slope and countless other job-creating American energy projects.

PPI Launches New Website & Video on South Carolina’s Offshore Energy Opportunity

March 11, 2015

Today, Palmetto Promise Institute (formerly Palmetto Policy Forum) President Ellen Weaver joined U.S. Representative Jeff Duncan and others at a press conference to announce the launch of OffshoreOpportunity.com, a new online resource dedicated to educating South Carolinians about the potential of offshore energy development. The press conference was held in conjunction with a meeting convened by the federal Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM) to solicit feedback from South Carolinians on the issue of offshore exploration.

FAQ: The Skinny on Offshore Drilling

February 20, 2015

As we continue to advocate offshore energy exploration because of the huge opportunities it could create for SC, there are also many important questions we need to answer. Tough questions that deserve hard thought as we decide what’s the very best policy for our state. Below are some of the most pressing of those questions, and our answers.

EPA Rules Will Hurt South Carolina Pocketbooks

February 2, 2015

Gas prices fell to an average of $1.86 per gallon last week in South Carolina according to AAA, providing us with a little extra cash in our pockets. That’s great news indeed…but we had better not get used to it. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of implementing three rules that a new study by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University and Palmetto Promise Institute says will substantially drive up the cost of energy in South Carolina.