Wait, I’m A Criminal?

Quality of Life
Blog · February 25, 2016

Common sense – not to mention tight budgets – shout for penal code reform. Our legislature should take the time and effort to fix our woefully out-of-date penal code.

Falling Unemployment – Road to Recovery or Dead End?

Quality of Life
Fast Facts · October 7, 2014

Late in 2014, headlines heralded the news that America’s official unemployment rate had fallen below 6% for the first time since 2008. Surely, a sign that we’re on the path to recovery, right? A closer look says “not so fast.” From 2008 to the most complete numbers we have in 2013, South Carolina’s labor participation has seen a uniform, steady decline across gender and race, aside from a 2012-2013 rebound among Hispanic workers.

Ask The Economist: Exploring Quantitative Easing

Quality of Life
Blog · July 23, 2014

“Inflation everywhere is a monetary phenomenon,” said Milton Friedman, in his famous 1970 essay titled, The Counter-Revolution in Monetary Theory. What he meant is actually quite simple. Inflation (an overall increase in the price levels of an economy) only occurs when the amount of currency printed by the Federal Reserve exceeds the amount of goods being produced.

Ask The Economist: Are Government Agency Banks a Good Idea?

Quality of Life
Blog · July 15, 2014

People often associate capitalism with “Wall Street greed” and corporate fat cats getting special favors from government. The truth is, anytime the government is involved in the business of anything beyond protecting individual and property rights, it leads to a distortion of the free market and in fact detracts from authentic capitalism. We call this cronyism.