New Report: Lessons from 25 Years of Public Charter Schools Ring True (and Familiar)

Blog · December 14, 2021

A comprehensive new report on charter schools from Palmetto Promise Institute shows that Problem Number One for public charter school students is identical to the most pressing issue that all public school students face: too little connection between their individual needs and the funding their schools receive for them.

Parents: 1, Know-It-All’s: 0

November 9, 2021

The idea that “experts know best” has been so pervasive for so long in certain quarters that senses have been dulled to what real people know to be true. That “tone-deafness” was what shifted ticket-splitting Virginia parents to Republican Glenn Youngkin according to media reports, including (even!) CNN.

Sen. Tim Scott Hosts Back to School Parent Town Hall

Blog · September 20, 2021

Many uncertainties for the schooling of America’s children remain. Senator Scott and his team answered many questions about school decisions that are affecting families and their children. Whether it was about helping alleviate the mental health struggles of students, school mask mandates, or handling teachers’ unions. If you are a parent, most likely your question was asked in this recent event.

Education by the numbers in Columbia, South Carolina

January 28, 2021

PPI’s new School District Finance and Performance Dashboard is cited in COLAToday‘s deep dive into Columbia’s local school districts. One thing doesn’t change – education is always a hot topic in South Carolina. The sentiment shared amongst most is that teachers don’t get paid enough for all that they do. We count on educators to mold the future generation with the skills they