Adam Crain

Celebrating National School Choice Week

January 24, 2017

Adam Crain

It is officially National School Choice Week in South Carolina and across the country which means we are celebrating and supporting the rights of parents to choose the best education option for their child.

At the Palmetto Promise Institute, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to get the best education they can in whatever type of education environment suits them the best. From traditional public schools and public charter schools to private schools, online learning, homeschooling and magnet programs, we believe all options and a parents right to choose them should be celebrated.

But who exactly are we celebrating in the Palmetto State during National School Choice Week?

  • We celebrate the 602,913 students and their families who are enrolled in traditional public schools.
  • We celebrate the 71,644 students and their families who are enrolled in magnet schools or programs.
  • We celebrate the 64, 892 students and their families who are enrolled in private schools, including the incredible students supported by South Carolina’s Exceptional SC tax credit scholarship program.
  • We celebrate the 39, 654 students and their families who are enrolled in virtual school classes.
  • We celebrate the 34,606 students and their families who are enrolled in public charter schools.
  • We celebrate the 22,654 students and their families in home schools and resource centers.

This means that at least 1 in 5 students in South Carolina are currently exercising some form of education option outside of a traditional public school classroom.

Regardless of what option a family prefers, we believe that every parent should be empowered to choose the best learning environment for their child…so that every student is equipped to reach their full, God-given potential in college or a career.

So this week, we’re celebrating 100% of South Carolina’s students…not to mention all of the options that are growing in the Palmetto State. And we’re hard at work to expand even more effective options and excited to see the opportunity they’ll create for our students!

* Student enrollment numbers generated by the SC Office of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs, South Carolina Department of Education, Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina, Private School Review and A2Z Homeschooling