Free resources for at-home learning during school closures

March 18, 2020

Palmetto Promise Team

Learning from home, especially in this time of uncertainty, is a unexpected challenge for many families and teachers. But working together, we can keep our students safe, continue their education journey…and hopefully have some fun along the way! The resources provided on this page are meant to supplement – not replace – official instructions provided by your child’s teacher and school.

Please check back in coming days as we hope to continue to have new resources to add. While we may be apart in location, we’re unified in purpose: helping our students reach their full potential!

Official State Resources

Time Management Resources

Instructional Resources

Supplemental Resources

Civics/Literary Resources

As a free-market public policy organization, it’s only right that we include links to teach young minds to love liberty!

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Links on this page are intended as a compilation of supplemental education resources for families and do not represent an official endorsement of any company or product by Palmetto Promise Institute.