Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care practices rely solely on membership dues paid by the patient or fees for a la carte services and cut out massive administrative costs that drive up the price of health care.
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The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model relies on a simple formula: Doctor + Patient. Patients get unlimited access to their doctors with no long waits for office visits and a list of fixed prices for services. Because DPC does not involve insurance, there are no costly premiums, no complicated forms to fill out or mysterious denials of coverage.

DPC is not insurance but rather an affordable way for a patient to cover their primary health care needs. Health insurance is still recommended to cover catastrophic health needs. For patients who are uninsured, underinsured or have high deductibles, DPC can provide access to a primary care physician without breaking the bank. For many patients, DPC can bridge the gap between affordable medical care and not receiving medical treatment altogether or relying on emergency rooms for non-emergency care. Over 20 states in the U.S. have enacted legislation to protect the Direct Primary Care model: let’s add South Carolina to the growing list!

Help grow direct primary care in South Carolina

Two doctors in South Carolina have found a way to bring affordable health care to the masses. No insurance required. Total pricing transparency. 24/7 access to your doctor.

Tell your state lawmakers: Protect Direct Primary Care in SC!

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