New Technology Could Change Lives In South Carolina

May 18, 2016


Technology like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB are revolutionizing markets and giving consumers better and more affordable options for transportation and lodging. These companies have diagnosed a need and capably met the demand, all the while offering new choices to consumers. In some cities, it has been an uphill climb for companies like Uber. Where Uber is successful, however, consumers generally enjoy the benefits of this new market approach.

So it seems to be an uphill climb in some states for Opternative, a company which is slowly changing the conversation in certain areas of the healthcare industry. Instead of protecting old, silo’d ways of doing things, Opternative is daring states not to harness technology innovations that lower costs and increase access to quality eye care for patients. Via telemedicine, Opternative guides patients through an online eye exam and then gives them a prescription for the corrective lenses the patient needs.

Thankfully, Governor Haley vetoed a similar ban, but her veto is being aggressively challenged by people heavily invested in the old way of doing business. Sustaining her veto leaves open the opportunity for companies to provide new outlets for safe, affordable, care via telemedicine in South Carolina and that is a promising step for Palmetto State patients.