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Learning Is A Joy: The State Of Education In SC

In the last 3 years, SC has made precious little progress on these same kinds of reforms that could right the education ship for our students.

The Misplaced Focus Of Our Politics

Discouraged by the national political scene? Then don’t discount local South Carolina elections. After all, real conservatives love federalism!

Abbeville: A Post-Session Update

Anyone concerned with preparing Palmetto State students for a productive life beyond high school should continue to watch the Abbeville school equity case very closely.

Learning Is A Joy: A Foundation For ESAs

What is the rationale for ESAs and where did they get their beginning? You’ve come to the right place for the answer!

Fast Facts

Short on time? Our “Fast Facts” boil it all down to give you a quick overview on need-to-know issues.

South Carolina has a generational opportunity not just to play catch up, but to proactively create a chance for every student to excel. We have a plan that would allow every child to excel in the wake of the Abbeville decision.

Does more education spending lead to better student learning?  We compare South Carolina with a reform-minded state like to Florida to find the answer…you might be surprised!

How do we continue to improve our ECENC program…and move toward a system of education where every child has the opportunity to reach their full God-given potential? Here are the Next Steps for Student Success.

When your life hangs in the balance, should you have the right to try and save it? There is a way to provide terminally ill South Carolinians with the safe, FDR approved drugs they need.

10 important reasons why Medicaid expansion is fool’s gold – not “free money” as supporters say – diverting access away from the very people it was founded to help while pouring money into a broken system.

Looking to pay another $417 a year on your energy costs? How about South Carolina losing over 14,000 jobs? That’s exactly what newly proposed EPA regulations could cost the Palmetto State.

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Palmetto Promise Institute relies on the generous support of citizens who share our vision for a free and prosperous South Carolina where every citizen can reach their full potential!

Palmetto Voices

Meet the Lisinski Family

For parents Chris and Tricia Lisinski, going the extra mile in the search of better educational options for their two children was worth the effort.

Meet the Hollingsworth Family

Delaine expresses how grateful they are for the comfort and the opportunity that the Exceptional Needs Scholarship provides: “It means peace of mind. Hidden Treasure is an amazing place, and the right place for Cody.”

Meet the Wood Family

7 children and 23 years later, Bill and Tammy Wood remain big believers in home schooling.

Meet the Williams Family

“I think this just happened to be God’s gift.” That’s what Karen Williams had to say about Spring Hill High School, a magnet school located in Chapin, SC.