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SC Economy Shows Key Sign of Strength

Recently released job numbers for the month of March show that not only was there a rise in the number of jobs available to South Carolina residents, but also a rise in the number of people in the labor force.

Wren Report – Dr. Jerome Aya-ay on Direct Primary Care

This week, Dr. Oran Smith interviews Dr. Jerome Aya-Ay on a re-emerging method of paying for Primary Care. It’s easy and affordable and it’s called Direct Primary Care.

On healthcare: back to the basics or new innovation (2)

The second part of our interview with Dr. Jerome Aya-ay, a Direct Primary Care physician in SC.

On healthcare: back to the basics or new innovation?

Palmetto Promise Institute met with Dr. Jerome Aya-ay in his Spartanburg office to talk with him about Direct Primary Care.

Fast Facts

Short on time? Our “Fast Facts” boil it all down to give you a quick overview on need-to-know issues.

Online Course Access  harnesses technology to offer students access to high-quality, customized education. It renders location irrelevant while offering numerous courses.

2016 saw big changes to South Carolina’s first private school choice program. Learn more about the progress being made to help our students with exceptional needs.

A system that boldly rewards excellence with transparency and accounts for value added is the best accountability system for SC schools.

Sky-high medical bills? Unexpected health care costs? Patients deserve the “Right to Shop” and polls show they want it too.

Right to Try and Volunteer Care were both signed by Governor Haley this past legislative session. Check out the opportunities they bring for more affordable care.

How much does Medicaid in South Carolina really cost the taxpayer? Expanding Medicaid used to be a nebulous policy fight…not anymore!

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