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Short on time? Our “Fast Facts” boil it all down to give you a quick overview on need-to-know issues.

In the wake of the SC Supreme Court’s Abbeville decision, some claim that more money is the answer for SC’s education woes. We say the answer is real reforms that promote autonomy, accountability and equity.

Does more education spending lead to better student learning?  We compare South Carolina with a reform-minded state like to Florida to find the answer…you might be surprised!

How do we continue to improve our ECENC program…and move toward a system of education where every child has the opportunity to reach their full God-given potential? Here are the Next Steps for Student Success.

Good decisions start with separating fact from fiction. Get the facts about how offshore energy exploration works…and what it would mean for South Carolina’s economy and environment.

10 important reasons why Medicaid expansion is fool’s gold – not “free money” as supporters say – diverting access away from the very people it was founded to help while pouring money into a broken system.

Looking to pay another $417 a year on your energy costs? How about South Carolina losing over 14,000 jobs? That’s exactly what newly proposed EPA regulations could cost the Palmetto State.

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Zavia’s story is one of parental dedication to finding the best education for her daughter. Read her inspiring story here.

We The People Of Palmetto Promise…

To celebrate the Constitution’s birthday, we asked a couple members of our staff to explain the importance of the Constitution, and why they appreciate it. Here are their answers…

Broken Windows and the Minimum Wage

Economics is a logical science. Economists use mathematics, graphs, and plain logic to map out consequences of policies. Sounds simple, right? Is anything as simple as it sounds?

Right-To-Work: A Brief Roundup

Ah, Labor Day. The punchline of so many unfunny jokes. We won’t attempt to humor you with any jokes, but we would like to briefly discuss a topic that’ll make you smile…

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