Meet Janie Neeley: Mom, Teacher, Advocate

Blog · September 28, 2020

“SAFE Grants have created the opportunity for our family and families like ours to truly have school choice, give our children the chance to succeed and give us the ability to fully support their learning needs.” Columbia, SC “I have three children. My oldest is 23. She chose to commission into the army and she’s

New SC law allows military spouses to begin work immediately

Quality of Life
Blog · May 28, 2020

On Monday, South Carolina honored those who gave their lives fighting for our country’s freedom. On Tuesday, with the signature of Governor McMaster, South Carolina acted in support of those who fight for our freedom today. S.455, now permanent law, cuts occupational licensing red tape, allowing spouses of our military to get to work as

Ratepayers furious at SCE&G: “an electric bill almost as much as your mortgage”

Blog · September 26, 2018

The mood in the room was tense but orderly as SCE&G ratepayers from around Columbia waited their turn to testify before the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC), the body legally charged with regulating South Carolina’s monopoly investor-owned utilities. Recurring calls for justice, accountability and energy competition emerged as seniors, business owners and activists testified

Tim Scott: Education and the American Dream

Blog · May 19, 2018

Dear South Carolina Family, For me, education is one of our most important manifestations of the American Dream. It is a fundamental force that allows Americans, regardless of background, the ability to improve their lives. It is part of what truly makes this the land of opportunity. I believe in education and the American Dream

Q&A w/ Grace Outdoor

Blog · June 20, 2017

Small businesses are the engine of economic growth in the Palmetto State. So, what's it like to be a small business in South Carolina?