TAYLOR: 6th-lowest residential property taxes? Not so fast, S.C.

Tax & Budget
News · March 9, 2018

This originally appeared on the Statehouse Report on March 9, 2018. By Joe E. Taylor Jr., special to Statehouse Report The Columbia Business Report recently wrote about a study from WalletHub.com, which claimed that South Carolinians pay the sixth-lowest residential property taxes in the nation. That sounds great. But sadly for taxpayers, it’s not the whole story.

House committee receives plan to make South Carolina competitive with southeastern neighbors

Tax & Budget
Blog · February 23, 2018

Thursday, House Research staff presented a plan for statewide comprehensive income and sales tax reform to South Carolina Speaker of the House Jay Lucas and the South Carolina House Tax Policy Review Committee. The plan represents a critical step forward to create fairness for hardworking South Carolina citizens, stability to fund state promises and essential

Should South Carolina conform to federal tax law changes?

Tax & Budget
Blog · February 8, 2018

To freedom-loving South Carolinians, the only worse words than “federal” and “conformity” spoken singly are “federal conformity” spoken jointly. The most current relevance of federal conformity refers to whether South Carolina should change its tax code to match the provisions of the sweeping (and very positive) tax law passed by Congress and signed by President