20 Election Reforms SC Needs Now

Blog · September 3, 2021

Palmetto Promise Institute is launching our Election Integrity Project. For this essential effort, we have reviewed proposals from top national election lawyers, constitutional scholars, and many other states to develop a list of what we consider the Top 20 most urgent and common-sense changes needed to our existing statutes.

Legislative Halftime: Palmetto Playbook Ideas Take Flight

Blog · June 4, 2021

In advance of the 2021-2022 legislative session, Palmetto Promise Institute “flooded the zone” with a number of practical policy ideas to make South Carolinians freer and more prosperous. We believed then—and now—that to “march the ball down the field” to economic recovery and long-term revitalization we must harness the entrepreneurial power of free enterprise and our people, not top-down government stimulus. Our ideas, collected in an attractive publication released during the last football season, was fittingly titled The Palmetto Playbook. Now, nearly

Fast Facts: South Carolina’s Anti-Competitive Certificate of Need (CON) Laws

Fast Facts · May 11, 2021

Download this report.  Since 1971, South Carolina has been among the states that have restricted supply of healthcare services through Certificate of Need, or CON, laws. Rather than market demand determining the supply, under CON laws, clinicians and medical facilities must seek approval from the state before purchasing or expanding services they provide to patients.

Pandemic Parenting: SC Charter, Independent, Home School Options Surge; Public Numbers Down Dramatically

Blog · March 26, 2021

Over the last year, South Carolina’s traditional public school districts have lost nearly 30,000 students according to the most recent student counts released by the SC Department of Education. Where are those students going? Palmetto Promise collected and analyzed enrollment data across all forms of schooling in South Carolina and found significant increases in options outside of traditional public schools.

COMMENTARY: In God We Trust, All Others Bring Evidence

Blog · March 17, 2021

Proposals in the South Carolina Legislature to give families more opportunities to choose schools and educational settings for their children have come under fire, including in a recent newspaper column by College of Charleston professor Kendall Deas. Professor Deas was critical of Senator Tim Scott’s support of empowering families to make more educational decisions for their children. The actual evidence indicates that Senator Scott’s ideas are what will improve educational outcomes for all children, whereas Deas’ ideas have been tried for decades—and have failed.

Common Questions about Education Scholarship Accounts

Fast Facts · February 23, 2021

Key leaders in the South Carolina General Assembly have filed legislation that, if passed, would create “Education Scholarship Accounts” (ESAs) for South Carolina students. ESAs are online-based accounts funded with state grants that can be used to pay a wide variety of educational expenses for a student who is eligible for the grants. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about ESAs.

Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) 101

Fast Facts · February 23, 2021

Across the nation, an innovation known as Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) is enjoying strong, bipartisan, legislative, parental, and taxpayer support. Why? Because with ESAs, a basic principle of fairness and freedom is achieved: state-appropriated education dollars follow the child. With that aspiration fulfilled, every child, but especially the most vulnerable, can finally receive the customized education they need to reach their full potential.