Details of South Carolina’s New Education Scholarship Account Program (Act 8 of 2023)

Blog · May 30, 2023

After nearly eight years of hard work by Palmetto Promise Institute and many others, South Carolina has a brand new education freedom program on the way! Education Scholarship Trust Fund scholarships will be awarded beginning with the 2024-25 school year. Here are some of the key details: *The official name of the South Carolina program

Introducing Fiscal Facts 2023

Tax & Budget
Blog · March 2, 2023
Wendy Damron

Earlier this year, Palmetto Promise Institute published our Palmetto Freedom Agenda, 23 policies to make South Carolina an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. Today I am pleased to deliver to you a “beta” edition of Fiscal Facts 2023: Data to Support the Palmetto Promise Freedom Agenda. This publication is chock-full

Survey of South Carolina Voters

Blog · October 6, 2022

Here are the results of the Fall 2022 survey of a random sampling of South Carolina Voters on key issues the Governor and legislature will be expected to tackle in 2023-24. A printable version of the poll results can be found here.      

New Report: Lessons from 25 Years of Public Charter Schools Ring True (and Familiar)

Blog · December 14, 2021

A comprehensive new report on charter schools from Palmetto Promise Institute shows that Problem Number One for public charter school students is identical to the most pressing issue that all public school students face: too little connection between their individual needs and the funding their schools receive for them.

20 Election Reforms SC Needs Now

Blog · September 3, 2021

Palmetto Promise Institute is launching our Election Integrity Project. For this essential effort, we have reviewed proposals from top national election lawyers, constitutional scholars, and many other states to develop a list of what we consider the Top 20 most urgent and common-sense changes needed to our existing statutes.

Legislative Halftime: Palmetto Playbook Ideas Take Flight

Blog · June 4, 2021

In advance of the 2021-2022 legislative session, Palmetto Promise Institute “flooded the zone” with a number of practical policy ideas to make South Carolinians freer and more prosperous. We believed then—and now—that to “march the ball down the field” to economic recovery and long-term revitalization we must harness the entrepreneurial power of free enterprise and our people, not top-down government stimulus. Our ideas, collected in an attractive publication released during the last football season, was fittingly titled The Palmetto Playbook. Now, nearly