Complete 2020 South Carolina Election Results

Blog · November 4, 2020

South Carolina voters went to the polls on Tuesday to select hundreds of candidates for national, statewide and local seats. We’ve compiled a complete list of election results for all statewide and local offices, plus the President & Vice President results for South Carolina. We’ll update as returns roll in. Read our election analysis from

New Report: Santee Cooper Financial Analysis from PPI Economist

Blog · September 24, 2020

Download this report MEMORANDUM TO: State Leaders FROM: Kathleen Grace, PhD, Clemson Economics Associates DATE : September 24, 2020 SUBJECT: Independent Financial Analysis of Santee Cooper By way of introduction, I am Kathleen Grace, PhD. I earned my B.A. in Economics and Finance from Wofford College in 2006 and my PhD in Quantitative Economics from Clemson University

COVID-19 Impact Survey: SC Independent Schools

Blog · May 11, 2020

Palmetto Promise Institute surveyed South Carolina’s independent schools to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them and how they have responded. You can view detailed survey results by clicking here. Here are a few of the survey’s findings: Participation Rate A total of 220 schools received the survey. 157 schools from every corner of

SC Removes Regulatory Obstacles, More Still to be Done

Blog · April 13, 2020

Note: The regulatory environment during COVID-19 is a quickly developing issue, so we will update this post regularly with new information.  The medical necessities of the COVID-19 pandemic have identified regulations—some perhaps legitimate, many unnecessary—which have been suspended to boost South Carolina’s healthcare capabilities, and respond to the pressing needs of workers, small businesses, and our economy.