Research and Writing: ESAs

June 12, 2017

Education choice is a cornerstone issue of Palmetto Promise Institute. Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and education is a key to success. Whether today’s students are interested in attending college or joining the workforce right out of college, preparation is key and Education Scholarship Accounts are an avenue for real results in South Carolina. Below is a list of ESA related material, from publications and evidence to bog posts and national assessments:

Original PPI Research and Writing:

Fast Facts: Education Scholarship Accounts

The Help Our Pupils Excel (HOPE) Plan

What Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts mean for South Carolina Families

Hurricane Gray: Age Demographic Change and the Near Future of South Carolina Education 

Money Doesn’t Translate Into Student Results

What’s the Difference between the types of Education Choice?

Understand the Facts:

What’s an ESA?

The iPhone of Education

A Foundation for ESAs

The State of Education

Mired to Marvelous

The “Corridor of Shame”

Fund and Fix

ESAs Put Parents First

Florida’s Education Savings Accounts Success

Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

Read their Stories:

Jordan’s Triumph

The Joy of Faith

Why the Norman Family Supports ESAs

National Research, Writing and Helpful Organizations

The Way of the Future: Education Savings Accounts for Every American Child

A Win-Win Solution

EdChoice (Formerly the Friedman Foundation)


Goldwater Institute