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What actually makes poverty escapable

March 8, 2018

Yesterday, I had a chance to speak to the Senate Human Services Subcommittee about three short – but powerful – bills that represent a compassionate, common-sense step towards making a South Carolina a state where every person has the opportunity to reach their full, God-given potential. In the throws and aftermath of the 2008 recession,

The Great Debate over Poverty

Quality of Life
Blog · March 16, 2017

Since the 1970’s, billions of people worldwide have been lifted out of poverty because of the free-market engine enabling upward mobility. But what about right here at home? How do we help those who struggle economically? Arthur C. Brooks, President of American Enterprise Institute and featured guest at next week’s Conversation and Dinner in Columbia,

The Disconnect in American Politics

Blog · March 10, 2017

“When many people assess the political landscape, they see two choices: a heartless, pragmatic party on the right and an imprudent but compassionate party on the left. Americans are good people, so given that rotten choice, compassion almost always win.” -Arthur C. Brooks, “The Conservative Heart” Have you ever noticed how much the concept of