Pension Forecast: Still Stormy

Transitioning to a defined contribution retirement plan for new state employees would be wise public policy for South Carolina taxpayers and would help us keep our promises to past, present and future state employees.

Economic Growth is Still the Answer

Economic growth supports peace, prosperity and strong families. In a recent visit to South Carolina, Dr. Arthur Laffer shared the not-so-secret “secret” for creating that growth.

Q&A w/ Simpson & Partners

We see the right attitude in little kids…people have to have a connection to doing something larger than themselves

Why it Matters: SC’s Labor Force Participation Rate

While the unemployment rate is important, it does not paint a very full picture of the economy.

SC Economy Shows Key Sign of Strength

Recently released job numbers for the month of March show that not only was there a rise in the number of jobs available to South Carolina residents, but also a rise in the number of people in the labor force.

The Wren Report – Enterprise Friendly SC Cities

Palmetto Promise Research Assistant Adam Crain, about a new report that ranks the most enterprise friendly cities in South Carolina.

How Enterprise-Friendly are SC Cities?

In order to excel in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, South Carolina must be as attractive as possible to businesses wishing to relocate to or expand in the state.

The Disconnect in American Politics

“When many people assess the political landscape, they see two choices: a heartless, pragmatic party on the right […]

Work: More than Just for Money

What does it look like to move away from treating people as a demographic and treating people as the unique individuals they are?

How Free are We?

How does South Carolina rank in economic freedom?