4 Ways to Fix SC’s Broken Education Funding System

Dr. Barbara Stock Nielsen, South Carolina’s first Republican Superintendent of Education, shares her remarks to a SC House Ways and Means subcommittee, which include four key ideas to fix South Carolina’s broken education funding system. 

Minority Students in South Carolina’s Education System

Instead of blaming the persistent achievement gap of minority students on “choice,” Ms. Weingarten should be thanking bold education reformers.

The End of Average

Is there such a thing as an “average” child? As parents of multiple children can attest, even those […]

Give “Read to Succeed” A Chance

Being unable to read is the worst kind of “gift” that keeps on giving.

People are Different. Thankfully, so are schools.

One of the most exhaustive list of education options available to South Carolinians.

All in one decision: high court boosts religious freedom and school choice

A decision from the US Supreme Court that is good news for school freedom.

education woes go beyond single allendale district

Education is an “emergency” in Allendale…and across the state.

New Budget boosts SC’s only Private Education Choice Program

There is good news for South Carolina’s only private school choice program.

Making Progress on Solving SC’s Teacher Shortage

Welcome to South Carolina, Teachers of Tomorrow!

The House Is On Fire: Where’s The Alarm?

Indicators abound showing South Carolina’s failure to prepare many Palmetto State students for success.