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Details of South Carolina’s New Education Scholarship Account Program (Act 8 of 2023)

Blog · May 30, 2023

After nearly eight years of hard work by Palmetto Promise Institute and many others, South Carolina has a brand new education freedom program on the way! Education Scholarship Trust Fund scholarships will be awarded beginning with the 2024-25 school year. Here are some of the key details: *The official name of the South Carolina program

Free resources for at-home learning during school closures

Blog · March 18, 2020

Learning from home, especially in this time of uncertainty, is a unexpected challenge for many families and teachers. But working together, we can keep our students safe, continue their education journey…and hopefully have some fun along the way! The resources provided on this page are meant to supplement – not replace – official instructions provided

Education report card: South Carolina vs. neighbors

Blog · July 19, 2019

South Carolina continues to sink below our southeastern neighbors in education outcomes. On almost every indicator, data shows that South Carolina is behind the curve. In light of that, Palmetto Promise has done some digging to look at how South Carolina really stacks up to our neighboring states on education innovation and performance. We’ve assigned 1-4 rankings

The winning formula: How to fix South Carolina’s school funding system

Blog · February 9, 2018

South Carolina’s K-12 education system suffers not despite its variety of revenue streams, but because of them. A tangled web of different revenue sources, costly mandates and new programs has pushed up administrative costs while perpetuating student underperformance. And worse, the current system diminishes transparency, insulating it from reform. Parents and taxpayers should demand better

Funding failure: South Carolina’s broken school-funding system

Blog · February 6, 2018

South Carolina’s public schools are supported by a host of education funding sources that have seen healthy growth over the years. But are taxpayers getting their money’s worth? A new study by the Palmetto Promise Institute reveals the disconnect between revenue and results when it comes to educating South Carolina kids. South Carolina’s 81 public