Why South Carolina Needs Palmetto Promise

Palmetto Promise Institute works to champion the principles of freedom and opportunity in South Carolina.

The Trouble with “Medicare for All”

Let’s hope for the sake of our health – and our wallets – that Americans remember Margaret Thatcher’s prescient admonition: ‘The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Pension Forecast: Still Stormy

Transitioning to a defined contribution retirement plan for new state employees would be wise public policy for South Carolina taxpayers and would help us keep our promises to past, present and future state employees.

Nuclear Fallout for Taxpayers

Will South Carolina leaders learn the lessons of the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle? Or will South Carolina taxpayers continue to foot the bill for “business as usual” in Columbia?

Drug Price Controls Will Hurt Consumers

We all know the drill: whenever the government uses its clout to set prices, it invariably inflicts harm.

The Wren Report – Repairing the DOT

The American Society for Civil Engineers recently gave South Carolina’s infrastructure a D+. Everyone agrees our roads and bridges are in bad shape. But how do we fix the problem?

The Wren Report – Effective Public Policy

In this exclusive conversation with Palmetto Promise’s Senior Fellow Dr. Oran P. Smith, Arthur Brooks explains how public policy in South Carolina can be more effective. The solution is simpler than you might think!

The Wren Report – Tax Bracket Creep

What is a “Tax Bracket Creep” and how does it affect you? In this week’s Wren Report, Senator Chip Campsen (Charleston) talks about what the “creep” is and how it is being fought in the “Taxpayer Inflation Protection Act.”

Work: More than Just for Money

What does it look like to move away from treating people as a demographic and treating people as the unique individuals they are?

EPA’s Sea-Monster-Sized Mandates

For the sake of the states’ budgets and competitive federalism, it’s time for Congress and the states to say “no more” to sea-monster-sized, bureaucratic mandates.