Saving for College? How About Middle School Too?

Learn how this one small provision of the federal tax reform law gives SC parents and students huge new flexibility.

Common Questions about Education Scholarship Accounts

Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey and Representative Shannon Erickson have filed legislation (S.622 and H.4308) that, if passed, […]

Fast Facts: Education Scholarship Accounts

No other education reform can promise the quality of learning, the preparation for the future, the flexibility to meet the individual needs of a child, and the immediacy of impact.

Where Have all the Teachers Gone?

A growing teacher shortage, particularly in some of South Carolina’s more rural areas are leading some districts to take new measures to lure and retain qualified teachers.

Sunshine In Arizona

“I’m thinking of their well being; I want them to be successful,” Sonya Gordon remarks about her children.

Learning is a Joy: Jordan’s Triumph

For the Vissers, Education Savings Accounts have been the key to astounding success.

The Urgent Need For Education Reform

The future will not wait. Our students urgently need an education system that works today.

Learning is a Joy: What’s the Difference?

So, what’s the main difference between the types of education choice?

Learning is a Joy: Fund and Fix

The difference between funding systems and funding students is a matter of focus.

Learning Is A Joy: The “Corridor Of Shame”

Ultimately, the Abbeville ruling reinforces what we already know: too many students do not have access to a quality education in South Carolina.