Santee Cooper Resource Center

May 24, 2018

July 31, 2017. That was the infamous day that investor-owned SCANA and state-owned Santee Cooper announced that they would abandon Units 2 and 3 of the VC Summer nuclear project in Fairfield County.

Since then, the Columbia and Charleston-area media have fixated on Cayce-based SCANA/SCE&G, leaving Palmetto Promise Institute and others to research the impact on Santee Cooper, its customers and the taxpayers of the Palmetto State.

Here is the collection of our award-winning research to date:

Santee Cooper’s Uncertain Future (March 20, 2018) was our original comprehensive study of not only the politics & history of Santee Cooper but of future electric rates that must be charged to cover the VC Summer debacle.

Santee Cooper Rate Increase Projections (May 10, 2018) uses newer data from Santee Cooper reports to provide a more up to date estimate of future rates.

Statement Shock: A Santee Cooper Utility Bill (May 10, 2018) shows in a one-page utility billing statement format the comprehensive picture of the financial situation at Santee Cooper and what that means to the individual customer.

Santee Cooper vs. SCANA/SCE&G: Which Ratepayers Will Pay More?  While much of the failed V.C. Summer nuclear debacle’s attention has been focused on SCE&G parent company SCANA and its customers, this economic analysis finds it is Santee Cooper ratepayers who face a much more uncertain and unsettling future.

Peering into the V.C. Summer Hole. This is a stunning graphical interpretation of the Santee Cooper vs. SCANA/SCE&G report. Econometric analysis simplified to one chart.

Santee Cooper by the Numbers. Here are all the numbers related to Santee Cooper and VC Summer with rate increase scenarios in a one-page format.

Santee Cooper Report Card. This one-pager provides details from Santee Cooper financial reports as compiled by our economists.

Greenville News: Upstate legislators speak out. Senator Ross Turner and Rep. Jason Elliott explain why Santee Cooper isn’t just a Lowcountry problem.

The Future of Santee Cooper. This animated video explains how we got in the situation we’re in with Santee Cooper, and where we go from here.

Santee Cooper Dashboard. A vehicle’s in-dash instrument cluster provides its driver with critical information. Here’s Palmetto Promise Institute’s assessment of critical information that all Santee Cooper customers – and all South Carolinians – should know about the state-owned utility.

Santee Cooper Dashboard