4 Ways to Fix SC’s Broken Education Funding System

Dr. Barbara Stock Nielsen, South Carolina’s first Republican Superintendent of Education, shares her remarks to a SC House Ways and Means subcommittee, which include four key ideas to fix South Carolina’s broken education funding system. 

Pension Forecast: Still Stormy

Transitioning to a defined contribution retirement plan for new state employees would be wise public policy for South Carolina taxpayers and would help us keep our promises to past, present and future state employees.

Nuclear Fallout for Taxpayers

Will South Carolina leaders learn the lessons of the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle? Or will South Carolina taxpayers continue to foot the bill for “business as usual” in Columbia?

Economic Growth is Still the Answer

Economic growth supports peace, prosperity and strong families. In a recent visit to South Carolina, Dr. Arthur Laffer shared the not-so-secret “secret” for creating that growth.

Wait…SC spends how much?

How big is the budget? What are South Carolina’s sources of revenue? Where does all this money go? Consider these charts.

The Wrong Solution for a Real Problem

How can we be compassionately responsive to the needs of low-to-middle income South Carolinians in regards to housing affordability?

The Wren Report – Tax Bracket Creep

What is a “Tax Bracket Creep” and how does it affect you? In this week’s Wren Report, Senator Chip Campsen (Charleston) talks about what the “creep” is and how it is being fought in the “Taxpayer Inflation Protection Act.”

2 Steps Toward Pension Reform

South Carolina cannot afford to renege on the promises made to current state workers or fail to reform the system at large and risk crushing a future generation of tax payers.

Argus, Ric Flair And The Looming State Pension Debt

Political will? Compromise? Institutional discipline? Long-term strategy? Do these virtues still exist in the General Assembly?

South Carolina’s “Tax”work Quilt

We’ve stated for a long time that the number one thing South Carolina could do to increase our economic competitiveness is fundamental tax reform.